Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello Everyone,

The Harmer's are back in Utah again!!!!  We are renting a home in our old ward in Cedar Hills so Megan can go to Lone Peak and graduate in May.  We are loving being close to family and friends. Howard is working in Provo and loving his job and the wonderful men he is working with.  

I actually started this blog in MN to keep in touch with family and friends in Utah and TX, and never used it again!  I was RS President and was way too busy.  So now I'm going to try AGAIN... and keep in touch with you all!  

Megan signed me up on Facebook and I've never gotten so much feedback on my gmail account. WOW!  Some of you are not comfortable with it, or would rather view a family blog so thank you for encouraging me to stick with it.  And thank you for allowing me to see your beautiful families grow through your own blogs as well.      

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cold in Minnesota -7

Hello everyone! I got an email from Rebecca about Shad and Angelas Johnsons Blog yesterday, and she suggested we have one to share our families pictures and thoughts about whats going on in our own lives. So here it is! With the Harmers living in Minnesota, (Hawaii, Virginia, and Utah) I really want to see how my family is doing in TX, Utah, Oakland and St. George. And I especially want to see pictures and keep up on everyones lives. Please share when you can. I seem to be in my office a lot more with my new calling and on the internet. I love each one of you and want to keep in touch.
Cold in Minnesota Michelle